WATCH: New ‘Allied’ Trailer Has Some Heavy ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith: WWII’ Vibes

Alright, let’s deal with the subtext here: the second trailer for World War II drama Allied probably won’t convince celebrity conspiracy theorists that Brad Pitt’s proximity to Marion Cotillard had zilch to do with the disintegration of his marriage with Angelina Jolie.

The Robert Zemeckis-directed flick will more than likely be picked over by the most hardcore of shippers in much the same way Pitt’s 2005 Mr. & Mrs. Smith was, ’cause hell, people need to find narratives for this kinda thing – regardless of the numerous denials of any dodgy business behind the scenes. 

The actual narrative of the picture is on full display in this objectively beaut trailer, though. It fleshes out the is-she isn’t-she nature of their relationship, as Pitt’s intelligence officer Max Vatan contends with the suspicion his wife Marianne Beausejour is double-crossing him with deadly consequences.

Okay, look, the Mr. & Mrs. Smith thing might not be such an unfair comparison. Regardless, scope out the lush production below before the picture arrives on Boxing Day:

Source: Supplied.
Photo: Paramount Pictures / YouTube.