WATCH: Netflix Drops First Look At Nasty Gal’s Rise (And Fall?) In ‘Girlboss’

Oh shit, here we go!

The first trailer for Netflix‘ series ‘Girlboss‘ – adapted from Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso‘s book of the same name, plus a hashtag (#Girlboss) – is here, and this shit is looking good.

“Loosely” based on real events, it follows Amoruso (Britt Robertson) as she goes from flipping vintage finds on eBay to launching her multi-million dollar fashion empire. Well, former multi-million dollar fashion empire. Nasty Gal filed for bankruptcy in November 2016.

The series runs for 13 episodes, but no word yet if it’ll be covering the events leading up to the company’s bankruptcy, or the myriad of other legal troubles it came up against (a lawsuit filed in 2015 alleged that four pregnant women and a man about to take paternity leave were fired).

Still, with creator / show runner Kay Cannon at the helm – whose writing credits include ‘Pitch Perfect‘, ‘New Girl‘ and ‘30 Rock‘ – it’s probably going to be a wild ride.

Photo: Netflix.