WATCH: Napoleon & Pedro Reunite After 12 Years To Re-Do The Cafeteria Scene

Do you remember the days of the early-mid 2000’s when people just couldn’t get enough of Napoleon Dynamite? It was all tater tots, “vote for Pedro” tees and way too many cringeworthy attempts to recreate the iconic dance scene. 
The 2004 film embedded itself into the pop culture lexicon, and today we got proof that its impact on the zeitgeist has certainly endured. A whole 12 years since its initial release, Napoleon (Jon Heder) and Pedro (Efren Ramirez) – arguably one of the original bromances – have reunited for a Burger King commercial, of all things. 
The big dogs up at BK hired Heder and Ramirez to recreate the famous cafeteria scene in an effort to plug the return of their incredibly intense product, Cheesy Tots
While the two actors deliver their lines as comfortably as they did in the original movie, there are a few very 2016 updates – particularly Heder’s bright mustard puffer jacket and Ramirez’s acid washed denim vest. 
It’s a trip to see them together again, but hey. We’re happy the boys are back. 
Source: TIME
Photo: YouTube.