WATCH: ‘My Kitchen Rules’ USA Stars Brandy & Ray J, Is Utterly Cooked

Aussie reality hit My Kitchen Rules has already inspired international versions in New Zealand, The UK, Serbia and Russia, and recently, some bright spark decided it would be a good idea to take a crack at an American one.  
MKR‘s formula for success is pretty undeniable – under the very thin veneer of a cooking competition, it’s all about chucking everyday people into high-pressure scenarios and watching them cry, bicker and overcome various types of adversity. 
I’m not knocking it – hell, Zana is still one of my favourite reality TV villains of all time – I’m just saying that MKR knows what it does, and does it very well, which is why shows like it and The Block remain juggernauts in the ratings. 
All that said, the US version of MKR premiered this week on Fox, and it looks … weird.
Rather than everyday people, this iteration features celebrities and quasi-celebrities, with a cast that includes Lance Bass, Brandy, Ray J, Brandi Glanville, Andrew Dice Clay and Naomi Judd.
The format is similar to the Aussie version, with teams going around to each-other’s houses to serve up piping hot plates of drama, and Aussie Curtis Stone is a judge, along with former Iron Chef America star Cat Cora.
The promo for the first season lays out how it’s gonna be:
The first instant restaurant was hosted by Brandi and her brother Ray J, and here’s a little of how it went down:

Here’s Curtis attempting to pull the ol’ Manu Feildel fake out on Brandy:

Here’s a preview of the next episode:
Casting well-known celebrities sort of misses the whole point of the show, but if i’m completely honest, I’m already 100% here for the simmering Brandi Glanville-Naomi Judd drama. 
If you accept no substitutes, then the Aussie version of My Kitchen Rules returns at the mysterious time of “Monday after the tennis“, which probably means Monday January 30, following the Australian Open

Source: YouTube.
Photo: Facebook.