As far as we’re concerned, there exists a perfect trinity of narrators: a trio of voices so pure, so authoritative, that anything their voices touch becomes imbued with a sense of majesty and wonder. 

Of those three, Jimmy Kimmel didn’t manage to feature Stephen Fry nor Sir David Attenborough on his latest show, but he did snag Morgan Freeman – as if he doesn’t bring enough vocal firepower on his own.

And Kimmel made him overdub footage of a totally ordinary passer-by.

While Fry may have narrated the life of some random schmoe with his trademark twee cynicism, and Attenborough might’ve launched into some discussion of the mating habits of the average pedestrian, Freeman’s take offered curiosity and gravitas in equal measure. 

Very few people on Earth can instil such narrative heft to someone’s trudge to work, but by God, Freeman did it. Vicariously live out fantasies of having the bloke narrate your own existence right here:

Source and photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live! / YouTube.