Watch Mila Kunis Rail Against Fathers Who Say “They’re Pregnant”

Mila Kunis, a woman you love unrequitedly who has been made pregnant by the seed of Ashton Kutcher, appeared on television overnight with a very important message to deliver to scrub baby daddies that get women pregnant and insist on telling anyone and everyone “We’re [both] pregnant.” That impassioned message: “Oh, you and your wife are pregnant? You’re both having a baby? You’re not pregnant.

Kunis, 30, is expecting her first child with Kutcher, her affianced co-star from the 70s. Kimmel, 46, is also ‘pregnant’ with his first child with wife, the presumably very patient Molly McNearney
Kunis has refused to share the gender and name of the baby; Kimmel is no doubt expecting a baby viral video.