While, in many respects, 2017 has definitely been kicking last year’s ass, we still have to deal with a lot of horrendous truths – perhaps most potently that Donald Trump is gonna be the President pretty darn soon, which was made all the more real with Barack Obama‘s teary final address yesterday. 

But who would our fave POTUS have been if it weren’t for his flawless FLOTUS? Pretty much nowt, that’s what. As a prolific activist and all-round stunning human, Michelle will always be our number one, and I don’t even live in America but I am just bloody heartbroken. 
Orchestrated by Jimmy Fallon‘s The Tonight Show‘, some fans wanted to say a few words about how much Michelle meant to them. They thought they were airing these thoughts to a portrait of the First Lady alone (which is actually real creepy), but IRL Michelle was actually keeping an eye on the whole darn thing on a teleprompter. 
What does she do? She goes out and surprises them of course, and it is JUST TOO MUCH. You can tell she’s genuinely moved by what these women have to say about her, and her humility is truly overwhelming. 
Have a gander below (NSFW because tears): 
Let “I was eating pizza bites yesterday in my bed and now I’m meeting the First Lady” go down as the best quote of the year so far. 

Source: YouTube / The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.