Filthy that Neighbours’ Dee Bliss is still very dead, despite producers teasing otherwise for fkn weeks? 
Here’s some consolation, if you’re a ‘Prison Break’ fan: MICHAEL SCOFIELD IS VERY ALIVE.
You heard us.
The ~dramatic~ first trailer for Fox’s upcoming revival of the series shows Michael (Wentworth Miller) with a pulse and new set of tattoos in a Yemen jail.
How the fuck did he get there? It seems everyone’s favourite Fox River inmate wound up working for an ‘organization’ that set him up, hence why he’s behind bars once again. That explains exactly 0.001% of the questions we have, but it’s something.
This time around, it’s the job of bro Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) and his band of dodgy mates – including Sucre – to break Michael out so he can be reunited with the lurve of his life Dr Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies) and their v. cute son, who looks to be about 7 now.
Exec producer Paul T. Scheuring is very much enjoying watching fans lose their shit over the revelation that Michael didn’t *actually* cark it at the end of S4, teasing that he may not be the same person you knew all those years ago.
“Michael doesn’t come out of the gates comprised,” he said at the Television Critics Association’s press tour. “Is he Michael? Is this the Michael we knew all along?”
Check out the full trailer:

The series returns on April 4, at 9pm, and our bodies are ready.
Source and photo: Fox.