Watch: Melbourne Radio Host Calls Amy Schumer A Skank, Gets Ice-Cold Response

Amy Schumer did her one-night-only show in Melbourne on Wednesday night, and has been hot on the press trails for her dope movie ‘Trainwreck’ around our lovely country all week. 
She seemed overwhelmingly happy with ‘Straya, even posting on Twitter how much she loves us (dawwww). Except for, of course, KIIS FM shock jock Matt Tilley, who in his interview with the talented comedian, called her a skank. 
He tried to backtrack, by first condescendingly asking if they have the word ‘skanky’ in the United States (with an overriding tone of ‘do you even know what that word means?’), to which she replies, ‘Yes.’ His co-host, Jane Hall, desperately tries to bail out of the conversation, and resolve the tension. 
Tilley also tries out the always-popular ‘no offence, but’ line of defence, saying he was describing her character, and it wasn’t personal. But nothing detracts from the fact that less than a minute earlier, Schumer had revealed that Trainwreck is ‘autobiographical’. 
Schumer’s response: “Whatever you are trying to do, you are. That’s a rude question.
Watch below, and get ready to fall even more in love with Amy Schumer than you already are:
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