We might finally have a release date, but good god that’s just NOT ENOUGH for the entire ‘Bachelor‘-obsessed population of Australia. Wait patiently until July 26? What do we look like, a nation of people not conditioned by a 24-hour news cycle and constant streaming reality TV shows into being impatient tantrum-throwing shits? GIVE US THEM ABS ROSES, DAMMIT.
So thank the lord for this delightful little titbit: a minute and a half of new Bachie star Matty J reading out some of the thirstiest comments about his upcoming stint in the spotlight, direct to camera. 
Highlights include the astute observation that he’s basically “a Kelpie with abs“, a powerful desire for a Matty/Osher bromance, and the immortal line “I want to roll him up and put him in my bra forever!” 
Let this particular buff Kelpie charm the hell out of you below, and if you’re battling to make it to July 26 – bloody watch it again, ok?

Source & image: Facebook / The Bachelor Australia.