The career of Matt Damon (!) is set to swell with his starring role in The Martian, where he has to “science the shit” (smdh) out of Mars – with a national release dropping next week. 

Before that date, you could do worse than brushing up on Damon’s extensive Hollywood oeuvre, featuring:

Good Will Hunting, School Ties, Rounders, Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean’s Thirteen, Happy Feet 2, Saving Private Ryan, Invictus, We Bought a Zoo, Stuck on You, Behind the Candelabra, Contagion, The Informant!, The Adjustment Bureau, True Grit, The Legend of Bagger Vance, The Departed and The Talented Mr. Ripley,

…In a career-spanning reenactment under 8 minutes, with the help of the indefatigable James Corden. 

Highlights include, “You bought a zoo? No, we bought a zoo” and, “LET’S ROB MORE CASINOS”; observe below.

via THR.