Who doesn’t love a good lie? Honestly.

In the acting biz, the ability to maintain a staunch-ass poker face is one of the most important cards you could ever have in your hand.

But apparently “sound improvisational skills” isn’t exactly in the deck that Matt Damon got dealt.

Everyone’s favourite cherub-like Affleck BFF is hard on the trail promoting the upcoming ‘Jason Bourne‘, and as is custom with all things of this nature, a stop at The Tonight Show is in order.

Pulling out one of the current crop of late night segments that somehow hasn’t been sold off to its own standalone show yet, Damon and Jimmy Fallon went head-to-head in a quick-fire game of Box of Lies, in which Damon revealed that he is both a) Not the best liar in the world, and b) Can’t pick an obvious lie to save himself.

Seriously, how he even managed to come to the conclusion that Jimmy was telling the truth is a mystery that shall permeate the sands of time.

Random aside: There is a living, breathing person on this very planet who got paid very good money to stuff shrimp into a glass piggy bank, and knowing that fact makes me so happy I might actually cry.

Source: YouTube.