Watch: Lovers Julianne Moore and Ellen Page Fight For Equality In ‘Freeheld’

Ok, so the trailer has just dropped for the Oscar-tipped (early, yeah, but valid) film ‘Freeheld’, starring epically-talented twosome Julianne Moore and Ellen Page, and it’s ~intense~.
They play real-life New Jersey couple Laurel Hester and Stacie Andree, who fought tooth-and-nail for domestic-partner benefits when police lieutenant Laurel (played by Moore) was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer a decade ago but outrageously denied access to her pension because her partner (Page) was a woman. 
We’ll say again: this happened, in real-life, only A DECADE AGO. 10 YEARS.
Yes, we still have a really fucking long way to go in terms of equal rights for LGBTs – and Tony Abbott will remain the worst-ever until he supports same-sex marriage in Australia – but Laurel and Stacie’s story is a reminder of how far we have come in a relatively short space of time. 
Check out the trailer below, and keep an eye out for Steve Carell, who plays a Jewish LGBT activist (you actually can’t miss his kipah).

It releases in ‘Merica in October, but no word on an Aussie release date as yet. 
Via Youtube/Lionsgate