WATCH: Lee Lin Chin Somehow Interviews Shorten Amid Some Rampant Flirting

It’s been a couple of years now since Lee Lin Chin emerged into the Australian conscience not just as an intricately-dressed newsreader, but as a genuinely fierce and wicked comedic force. In that time, you’d think that mystique, that intrinsic charm would have waned as the nation cottoned on to the schtick. 

Nooope. Not at all. In fact, if her interview with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten for The Feed tonight is anything to go by, our High Priestess may actually be gaining power. 

If Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks was actually a miniscule Australian journalist in 2016, this is what you’d get: a discussion of the Liberal Party’s apparent shortcomings turns into playful admonishment, and a comment about living forever turns into Shorten promising he’d look into it for her.
Still, the climax is their perfect back-and-forth over three word slogans. We’ll let you experience that oddly sensual exchange for yourself. 

Actually, it’s Lee Lin bloody Chin. Nothing sensual about her is a surprise anymore – not even interviews with a somewhat dowdy Labor leader. Watch:

Source and photo: The Feed / SBS2 / YouTube.