WATCH: Lee Lin Chin Has Found Her Calling And It’s Roasting Benjamin Law

If Jerry Seinfeld ever wants to pull up stumps on his arduous lifestyle of chatting with comedy superstars in vintage automobiles, his replacement is apparently ready-made in our own Lee Lin Chin. 

We know this because she is imperious and entirely faultless ’cause Sydney Writers’ Festival have deemed it fit to smoosh her next to the mortal humans that comprise the fest, and cart her around while she throws questions/insults at those guests. 

Thankfully for us, equally-brill Benjamin Law is the first target of her ire. When he’s not knocking together shit-hot memoirs turned telly shows, the bloke is a Lee Lin-certified “disgr-Asian”, and a deadset moisturiser fiend – a fact which evoked some god-tier advice from Lee Lin herself:

Friendo, if being labelled a “nerd” by this one isn’t on your bucket list, we’re not sure what to tell you. Now, at least we know that right underneath “be a top-notch journo and writer”, Law’s finally ticked that one off.