The stitch-up. As grand an Australian tradition as mateship, drinking in the shower, or a sausage in bread.

And seldom have there been bigger or greater stitch-ups than the one detailed by the nation’s gr8 m8 Aaron Gocs.

Gocsy took to his Facebook page earlier today to regale us all with a story of an almighty stitch-up at his work; a throughly gripping tale involving Dave on the Forklift, poor unsuspecting Marty, and Phil the Boss.

It’ll bring you all together, we tell you.

stitch-up at work today

stitch-up at work today

Posted by Aaron Gocs on Monday, 14 March 2016

I reckon this country was built on stitch-ups, y’know?

Truer. Bloody. Words.

Gocsy an absolute hive of similar wit and wisdom, and it’d serve you well to smash that like button.

Source: Aaron Gocs/Facebook.