WATCH: Key & Peele’s New ‘Keanu’ Trailer Upgrades Humans To Wee Kitties

Since cat videos are officially their own genre now, they come with certain conventions. Chief among those is the fact zero context is ever really required. 
Cats are the setting. They are the scene. Their padded little feet are the story, and Daniel Day Lewis could only hope to achieve the emotional range displayed by subtle whisker wiggles.  

That being said, the new cats-only trailer for Key & Peele’s very real film Keanu does benefit from a a hint of background. 

The upcoming flick looks like a pastiche of every OTT action flick ever devised, which is actually a good thing: no comedy duo on Earth is better at driving pop-culture norms to their insane conclusions. 
Observe to OG trailer, which is still ridiculous on its own, owing to the fact the central character / plot point is a fucking kitten:


Now, marvel at the Run The Jewels‘ed version, replete with kitty friends, drug bosses, dealers and spouses. And a stuffed cat in place of the titular Keanu. We can’t get too meta here, ya know?
Is it dumb? Yeah. In a knowing way? Yeah. With pleasingly mid-level production values for a spoof trailer? Yeah, most certainly. If you’re deadset on catching the whole thing when it drops for real, get ready for a May 19 release date. Meow.

Source and photo: YouTube.