WATCH: Key & Peele’s Kitty Gets Catnapped In The A+ New Trailer For ‘Keanu’

Though the uproariously excellent Key & Peele might have taken its curtain call last year on Comedy Central, that doesn’t mean the A+ comedic pairing of Jordan Peele and Keegan Michael-Key are done making magic together.

The pair are back in the saddle together for the upcoming feature film Keanu, and if the red-band trailer that dropped today is any indication, holy god is this ever gonna be a good time.
The film centres around Peele as an upper-middle class suburban type who adopts an impossibly cute kitten after a bad break-up, dubbing the wee floof Keanu. But when Keanu gets kittynapped when gangsters rob his house, he and his mate Key run back to the hood to try and recover the thieved little mate from the clutches of the hyper-violent, Method Man-led 17th Street Blips.
Again – and just to reiterate – it’s a gangster/kidnapping/heist film, where the central character is a TEN THOUSAND PERCENT ADORABLE KITTEH.
The trailer looks utterly ridiculous and this particular writer ugly laughed his way through the whole damned thing.

That shot of the kitty sliding around the concrete – I could watch it forever, I could.
Keanu is directed by Key & Peele director Peter Artencio, off a script written by Jordan Peele and Key & Peele/Community/Rick & Morty writer Alex Rubens.

The cast includes Key, Peele, as well as Method Man, Will Forte, Gabrielle Union, Rob Huebel, Luis Guzman, Nia Long, and Darrell Brit-Gibson.
It’s due to hit cinemas on April 29th.
Source: Uproxx.