Watch Karl Stefanovic Rap Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy”

As ordained by the gods of the Youtube machine, ’tis the week for well-to-do Australian men of a certain age who have no business rapping completely embarrassing themselves on film while attempting to slayeth the microphone. First we had definite triple threat/questionable quadruple threat Hugh Jackman rapping alongside T.I. and Ll Cool J at the Tony Awards a few days ago, and now, thanks to 2Day FM, here’s Iggy Azalea enthusiast and National Minister For Dad Jokes Karl Stefanovic not knowing what to do with his hands while bumbling his way through “Fancy”.  

If we were to appraise his performance honestly we’d say that someone should turn the beat up in his headphones because he loses his place a few times and his flow is on garden hose levels here but his secret weapon is how surprisingly well he copes with doing the Charli XCX chorus. 
Thus confirming our theory that he’d be the best human being to do drunk karaoke with. 
Via 2Day FM