Watch Kanye Keep Up With The Kardashians

You knew it was koming so let’s just get this over with. For those of you playing katch-up, allow the well-spoken Kourtney Kardashian to fill you in: at the time of its taping “Kanye West – a rapper – has a new song out where he talks about falling in love with Kim [Kardashian].” That song, (‘Cold” née ‘Theraflu‘) then segued into the fauxmance of 2012, an alliterative amour substantiated by well-documented sleep-overs and visits to toy emporium FAO Schwarz, Paris, Cannes and Lamborghini showrooms.

Since then, we’ve seen Kimye outlast Kim’s previous relationship by about a week (roughly 80 days) and document their burgeoning love on social media. There were also accusations of an al-Qaeda affiliation, which is the case with any normal relationship – as was the couple’s inevitable appearance on E! dramality series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Kanye’s debut on The Kardashians last night is supremely cringeworthy, full of stilted styling advice (Kourtney likes the pointy shoes because it’s cold; is Kim’s clutch too busy?) awkward hug/kiss greetings and a trip to the new restaurant of Scott Disick in New York. Kanye even makes a half-offer to take Kim to Japan. Kute! As Kourtney observes, “It’s definitely clear that Kim and Kanye are into each other.” Watch below:

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain via Getty Images Entertainment