WATCH: Jonah Hill Almost Cancels French Press Tour After Cringeworthy Interview

As someone who once shared a cramped hotel conference room with most of the cast of Twilight: New Moon, I like to think that I know a little bit about the gentle art of the celebrity interview. 
That said, anybody could tell you that Jonah Hill‘s recent appearance on French TV was bad. It was cringeworthy, cover your eyes and try not to look-level bad. So bad, in fact, that he almost cancelled the rest of his appearances in the country. 
Hill and his War Dogs co-star Miles Teller appeared on Le Grand Journalwhich looks sort of like a swingin’, Gallic version of The Project – when weather reporter Ornella Fleury took an unorhodox line of questioning. 
Fleury told an ashen-faced Hill that she enjoyed his demon-on-human sex scene in This Is The End, and that her fantasy about him involves him making her laugh in a hotel room, then buggering off so she can be with his mates Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt.
He took that about as well as expected, and replied “I’m glad I came on this show to be ridiculed by your local weather girl,” then later cancelled the rest of his French press stops.
Fleury has since made a formal apology for getting over-familiar with the actor, saying:

“Jonah, the problem is that for 10 years I have lived with you through your films. In fact, Jonah, I really had the impression that I knew you so last Friday I thought I was just messing around with a friend, but the reality is that we are not friends.”
Though various sources are reporting on the cancelled press tour, The Hollywood Reporter have said that Hill has since made further appearances in France, and is apparently continuing. 
Source: Time.
Photo: Francois G Durand / Getty.