It’s not the final episode of The Sopranos, or Seinfeld, the moon landing, the fall of the Twin Towers or the Berlin Wall; no, apparently the admittedly self-proclaimed Greatest Event In Television History is a shot-for-shot Adult Swim remake of the opening sequence of Simon & Simon, an eighties private-eye series lovingly and pointlessly recreated by Friends With Kids co-stars Adam Scott, Jon Hamm, and a cast of recognisable regulars.

Preceded by a making-of mockumentary hosted by a tuxedoed, refreshingly self-depricating Jeff Probst and featuring cameos from Paul Rudd (maybe this is why he couldn’t make that Clueless reunion?) and Gus Van Sant, The Greatest Event In Television History might not actually be just that but would have to rank pretty highly in a list of The Most Expensive, Strangely Watchable and Pretty Funny Ways To Spend Your Time On The Internet.

There are many things we can take away from this – amongst them is this, the only Jon Hamm GIF you’ll ever need.

Watch Jon Hamm & Adam Scott Star In The Greatest Event In TV History