Jimmy Fallon’s much-maligned treatment of Donald Trump has sparked a conversation about the role of the late-night TV host in public debate. After that debacle, keen watchers are questioning how combative hosts should be, and if guests should really be given a free pass to spruik whatever they want in the name of ratings.

It’d be impossible, impractical, and a little unhygienic if every host gave as few shits as Eric Andre – besides, if he got access to Trump, the results would probably violate the Geneva Convention – but after Fallon’s hair-messing episode, it’s difficult not to wish late-night had a little more bite.

While we wait and see if the late-night crowd changes its tack, we have been gifted with some animosity – but this time, it’s coming from a guest. Silver fox John Slattery, most notably of Mad Men and a few minutes in Marvel flicks as Iron Man‘s dad, opened his appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert with a particularly personal missive against the host.

WATCH: John Slattery Tells Colbert To Fuck Himself For Nicking His Part

We imagine it’d be pretty difficult to muster a sense of misgiving against the most sensible man in the timeslot, but Slattery makes a decent case. Retelling the story of a largely successful audition process a quarter-century ago, Slattery explains his starvin’ artist self would have been set – if it weren’t for the man sitting right next to him.

Colbert explained the resulting sitch – the show he auditioned for never got made – and complimented Slats on his legitimate acting chops. The response?

“Well, thank you. But I came here to tell you to fuck yourself after 25 years.”

Ah, savagery, how we have missed thee. Watch:

Source: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert / YouTube.