Weird, weird things happen the larger your online presence goes. Thanks to the magic of social media and the blurred lines between content creator and consumer, we are now you, you are now us, and that symbiotic relationship doesn’t seem to be shrinking any time soon.

While that’s all fine and dandy, the sub-class of internet denizens whose sole purpose in life is to drop steaming turds on your craft increase in number – and ferocity – with every advancement you make in the internet realm.

John Oliver knows this all too well. Where he was once the Brit-player bit-player in many cracking shows, he’s now helming the juggernaut Last Week Tonight. That honour means you can bet your bottom dollar he cops his fair share of confusing e-hatred. 

In a new throw-away digital exclusive (apt, really), Oliver runs down some of the more curious comments excreted on his YouTube videos. They range from the quasi-complimentary to the soul-erodingly accurate description of the bloke as a “live action Beaker.”

WATCH: John Oliver’s YouTube Commenters Are More Creative Than Your Trolls

Watch the segment below, and prepare yourself for the day when your #reach grows to the point where commenters feel the need to flex their comedic muscles:

Source and photo: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver / YouTube.