WATCH: John Oliver Goes Too Far On Trump, Compares Him To Bloody Raisins

Right, here’s the thing: if all you’re here for is the dried grape apocalypse the headline promised you, you can find it right at the tail end of the video embedded below. 

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver really did stump up an effective analogy for Donald Trump’s massive failings as a Presidential candidate, and watching an Emmy-winner blow his show’s budget on ~ the worst ~ fruit is certainly bloody pleasing. 

Still, only clocking the final minute of Oliver’s latest missive means missing the previous nineteen, in which he explains exactly why comparing the shady shit Trump and opponent Hillary Clinton are implicated in isn’t really possible. 

In typical shouty-jokey style, Oliver explains Clinton’s résumé for the gig is immaculate, but she has also been implicated in a few egregious fuckups in the past little while: her decision to host classified government information on her private email server has been a valid concern, while her foundation’s dealings with foreign donors while she was Secretary of State are troubling at very best. 

As for the other guy? Well, fuck. It’s apples to oranges. Or, more accurately, grapes to raisins. Watch:

Source and photo: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver / Facebook.