Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Incredible Takedown & PSA On Anti-Vaxxers

There’s nothing quite as perplexing or infuriating than the Anti-Vaccine movement that seems to be making leaps and bounds  from people who should know better, lately: there’s something mind-numbingly idiotic about seeing, as Jimmy Kimmel puts it, “parents who are more scared of gluten than they are of smallpox”. The whole movement inspires burning hate, leaves un-vaccinated children vulnerable and puts other kids at risk. It honestly makes me want to ragequit life, tbh.

Jimmy Kimmel has come to the rescue, however, after launching a flawless takedown of the anti-vaxxers movement, and enlisting the help of real doctors to back him up. “The thing about doctors is they didn’t learn about the human body from their friend’s facebook page,” Kimmel says. The PSA featuring doctors starts off by saying, “I cannot fucking believe we have to make this PSA.” Logic. How it has failed ‘ye, anti-vaxxers. 

Watch the whole thing of beauty above (weirdly, though, there’s a pretty huge ‘Breaking Bad’ season finale spoiler towards the end, as a heads up). *Applauds*.