WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Sneakerheads Hard With Ugly AF Fake Yeezys

I don’t understand shoes. I mean, like, I understand the basic concept of shoes: they stop your feet getting dirty. I don’t understand people that are really excited about shoes. I get excited about shoes every few years when Chucks go on sale for $50 and I buy a new pair identical to the ones that are currently falling apart around my feet.

But hey, that’s cool, we’ve all got our thing. I can’t judge someone for spending hundreds of dollars on Yeezys when I spend all my money on beer like a fucking idiot – but I can laugh at them, and I will.
Because I’m a coward and would never laugh at anyone to their face, I’m very glad that Jimmy Kimmel has put in the hard yards for me and pranked fans on the street with some extremely sub-par fake Yeezys.
The ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘ team bought some ridiculously cheap kicks from Chinatown, decorated them with some horrible fake fur and a compass (why not), and asked punters on the street what they thought of the “Yeezy Boost 2000“, and how much they reckon they’re worth.
While I’m sure there were a bunch of people edited out who said “u wot m8, these are proper shit”, there were a bunch who did the exact opposite of that, and God bless ’em:
Source and photo: YouTube.