Think of the internet as an ocean of bubbles, floating listlessly through a limitless blue. Some bubbles (porn, Mummy blogs, GIFs of Harry Styles) are enormously bigger than others (an eBay auction for the hat Rachel McAdams wore during an unseasonably warm day on the set of The Hot Chick). Some – thanks to proximity, geography, similarity – are drawn closer to each other. But for the most part they simply float around, occasionally bumping off one another, generally existing as entities unto themselves.

But sometimes, only sometimes, one or more of those bubbles meet, and join – even for the most fleeting of moments – and something magical becomes of their powers combined. Bubbles that, individually, are adored world web-wide, like… say… Jimmy Fallon, and auto-tuning things, and Oprah Winfrey (Exhibit A) meet and create a nucleus for something new and interesting.

Or, in this case, they bump into each other and it causes Oprah to appear on The Tonight Show in a soap opera sketch where voices are skewed. Y’know. Either or.

That said, the fairly simple premise of “pitch shifting voices = funny” is proved quite true in this sketch, which is worth watching alone for the lightning quick mark changes that take place between the skits.

Out of breath Oprah and Jimmy sitting cool, hip, “kids, let’s rap for a minute” vicar-style on a backwards swivel chair? Worth the price of admission alone.