WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence Can Not Handle Eddie Redmayne’s Modelling Pics

Earlier this week, there was a story doing the rounds about Jennifer Lawrence‘s old Abercrombie & Fitch modelling pics – specifically, about the fact that we’ll never, ever see them if she gets her way, because the sweat-soaked shoot was not her finest hour.
The Graham Norton interview from which those quotes were taken has finally gone online, and it’s A+. Here is a section in which Eddie Redmayne inadvertently talks about how his brothers like to “come”, and J-Law doesn’t understand it, and it’s adorable.
The more pertinent bit, however, is below. During the interview, Norton pulled out some examples of Redmayne’s old modelling work, showing him looking fetching in a series of knitted sweaters, and J-Law could not even remotely handle it.
Redmayne is pretty bashful about his modelling chops, but has a lot of it under his belt, and once, was in a shoot by Mario Testino. His story about that encounter is also worth the price of admission. Enjoy:

Story: Graham Norton

Photo: YouTube