WATCH: JCVD Is All Fight, No Boogie In The ‘Kickboxer: Vengeance’ Trailer

Here are the facts: in 1989, Jean-Claude Van Damme starred in Kickboxer. The film did exactly what it said on the tin. The Belgian martial arts maestro clobbered his way through 100-odd minutes of baddies in what eventually became a touchstone of 80s action film pop culture. 

It was a simpler time – a time before movie stars did the splits in commercials. That’s all well and good, but to a younger audience, what could possibly be gained from revisiting that flick when we’ve got Ip Man and The Raid to satiate our hunger for endless beat-’em-ups?

This scene is the answer to that question. This bloody scene:

So, now that everyone is up to speed, we can all agree the appearance of Kickboxer: Vengeance’s first cinematic trailer is undoubtedly a good thing that we should welcome with open, bulging arms. 
While the new clip doesn’t feature any American dancing (like disco), it does feature a wisened Van Damme beating the heck outta former stuntman Alain Moussi’s shins as preparation for his vengeful (duh) fight against the unit that is Dave Bautista. 

Also hovering around are Gina Carano and Georges St. Pierre, further adding to the movie’s legit fighting pedigree. Do they all beat the shit outta each other? Hell yeah. Does JCVD teach ’em to boog? Well, we’ll find out when it roundhouses its way into US cinemas on September 2:

Source and photo: Yahoo! Movies.