WATCH: James Franco’s Lesbian Vampire Film Trailer Is Pretty Bloody Cheesy

When James Franco announced he’d be remaking the iconic 1996 film ‘Mother May I Sleep With Danger‘ for Lifetime, everyone was confused, but we persevered. 
He did warn us that it would be the most ‘non-Lifetime’ Lifetime movie ever, and look – he wasn’t lying.
The trailer is here, and it just as camp and cheesy as we had hoped for.
Corny dialogue, corn syrup blood, and Tori Spelling playing the matriarch (she played the daughter Laurel Lewisohn in the original film) – it’s all here. 
Play if you’re a fan of cheeseball:
‘Mother May I Sleep with Danger’ debuts on Lifetime in the US on June 18th.
Source: Ooyala.