WATCH: Jackie Chan Is Back In A Movie That Looks A Whole Lot Like ‘Taken’

Jackie Chan has been repeatedly disrespected by Hollywood for a very long time. In American films he’s played as basically a funnyman who can do stunts. While he does have great comic skills, his more serious, stunt-driven films in Hong Kong constitute some of the greatest action cinema of all time. Seriously though, spin Police Story 3: Super Cop on repeat, forever. That’s a bloody movie, right there.

But it looks like he’s got himself a more serious leading role in a Western film, if the trailer for UK film The Foreigner is to be believed. Playing opposite Pierce Brosnan, Chan plays a restaurant owner who carves out a path of revenge after his daughter is killed by rogue Irish terrorists.
It’s directed by Martin Campbell, who directed Bond films GoldenEye and Casino Royale. It’s based on the Stephen Leather book The Chinaman – thank God they did not go with that specific title. Behold:

Kinda looks like a weird fusion of Taken (good) and Law-Abiding Citizen (less good).
People are pretty keen to see Jackie Chan in a serious role.