WATCH: Horrified Interviewer Accidentally Slaps Nicole Richie In The Face

I am occasionally required to interview celebs and every single time I get nervous to the point of dizziness. There are so many things that I’m terrified will go wrong, primarily centred around the fact that there is a good chance I will say something extremely stupid because I’m nervous as shit – it’s a vicious cycle.
Up until today, the fear that I will accidentally smack the interviewee right in the chops on camera has not featured on the laundry list of ways that I imagine I might fuck up. I am pleased (read: not pleased) to announce that is no longer the case.
Poor Nicole Richie was the recipient of a high five gone disastrously wrong in an interview on ‘Talk Stoop‘ when host Cat Greenleaf (real name) clearly misjudged the trajectory of her mirth. 
A beautiful human drama unfolds over the space of about three seconds, as Cat realises she’s just hit the Nicole Richie in the face and Nicole realises that Cat just hit the Nicole Richie in the face. It’s stirring stuff.
Watch Richie’s sunnies fly off with such perfect comic timing you’d almost think it was staged:

If you crave the full context of the interview (mostly Richie talking about her new show ‘Great News‘) and would also like to see the incident replaced in slow motion a couple of times, you can watch it below:
Source and photo: YouTube.