WATCH: Here’s The Trailer For K.Stew’s Ghost Movie That Was Booed At Cannes

Everyone knows that at Cannes Film Festival, at least one movie gets heavily booed and criticised by the plethora of angsty French critics. 
This year, that film is ‘Personal Shopper’ directed by Olivier Assayas and starring Kristen Stewart
The thriller is about Maureen who works as a personal shopper, but moonlights as a medium. She went to Paris because her sibling died there earlier, and she’s now hoping for a supernatural sign from them – and gets it, apparently. (Ghost use iMessage now, apparently.)
While many critics ‘stood and booed’ at the screen after it aired at Cannes, whereas Vulture called it Stewart “at her very best”. 
You decide:
There’s no word yet on when ‘Personal Shopper’ will be released – Assayas and K.Stew might need some more time.
Source: Vulture