WATCH: Hannibal Buress Sent An Impostor To The ‘Spider-Man’ Premiere

When the always-excellent Hannibal Buress, star of Broad City and the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, realised he would not be able to attend the film’s premiere because he was away on set, he came up with the idea of hiring an impostor to walk the red carpet in his place. 
Though he originally put a call out on Twitter, offering to pay $500 for the gig, Buress finally went with writer-actor Joe Carroll, who previously played his stand-in during a bit at the MTV Awards
Carroll walked the red carpet as Hannibal Buress, and even took part in a cringe-y interview as part of the official live stream, telling an oblivious reporter that he had a “great time” shooting the film.
Watch what may well go down as one of the most awkward red carpet chats in history:

Check out my #spidermanhomecoming red carpet interview. Check the movie out in theaters July 7th New episode of #handsomerambler podcast tomorrow with the The Cool Kids.

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U.S. current affairs show Inside Edition later tracked down Carroll in Los Angeles, and he admitted that he was “nervous” to take on the gig, but pretty confident that the reporter had no clue about the fake-out. 

Meanwhile, Buress has been gleefully Tweeting and Instagramming photos of ‘himself’ at the premiere: 

The comedian, who is currently shooting the film Tag in Atlanta, gave a brief statement to Vanity Fair about his red carpet stunt, saying only: “I think people think I was trying to be weird. If I was available, I would have gone.”

Source: Vanity Fair.
Photo: John Parra / Getty / Hannibal Buress / Twitter.