WATCH: Hannibal Buress Explains His 10/10 Drug-Fuelled ‘The Project’ Improv

Last night, Hannibal Buress absolutely tore the Enmore Theatre in Sydney apart with a bloody excellent set from his ‘The Hannibal Montanabal Experience’ tour.
Hannibal straight up killed it; his set had the crowd laughing the whole damn way through, as did his support act, Al Jackson
He touched on a plethora of topics, but also managed to get some local digs in:
2) He explained why the hell he decided to read a random children’s book on Channel 10‘s ‘The Project’
Obviously his appearance on ‘The Project‘ was one of the funniest things we’ve ever seen, particularly because of his admission that he’d taken five Adderall in order to stay awake for the show, due to suffering some severe jetlag. 
We’re talking about this absolutely delightful television segment:

During the Sydney gig, he explained he didn’t have a goddamn clue what ‘The Project‘ was, and was sitting backstage before his segment listening and becoming more and more confused. 
He said ‘The Project’ began by talking about some murders, but then jumped to ‘doing jokes’, then went into some investigative journalism about old Australian actors and where they are now:
“We found some old Aussie actors from the 90s and bothered ’em!”
So when he finally appeared, he mentioned his confusion, which seemed to put ‘The Project‘ hosts on a backfoot. 
Then, instead of conducting an interview, Buress started reading a children’s counting book, published by the AFL. He says the hosts couldn’t even deal with it:

“They could not handle this shit at all!”
But, many of us wondered why. Was it the Adderall? Was it the jetlag? A mix of both?
It turns out, neither. Buress told his Sydney audience last night that he read the children’s book for this reason:
“Because I don’t want to have a conversation! This is my defence mechanism!

It was one of my favourite things I done, I just read through it. It was so weird, it felt fun. I was super sleepy, it just felt fun.”
He laughs heartily explaining that another host desperately tried to steer to conversation back to him by bringing up his role in the ‘Baywatch‘ movie:
“If that’s where you wanna go with that, cool.”

Photo: Tim Mosenfelder / Getty.