How would you react if your best mate told you they just killed someone?

We have two schools of thought here. 1) You could take the Kramer route and alert the authorities for fear of your own safety or 2) You could take the Kerouac/Burroughs approach and pretend like it never happened then write a book about it.

Deano (Hamish Blake) opts for the latter, enduring the spine crushing, limb hacking and other “unpleasant shit” friendship occasionally asks of us after his best mate Nige (Bret McKenzie) kills a Scandinavian soccer star in a hit and run accident. When their other mate Gav becomes suspicious (note: synchronized showers equals suspect behaviour, always) the trio embark on a decoy trip to the Catlins where they share in LOLs, adventures and life changing dolphin rides.

Watch the trailer below…

Two Little Boys is slated for release in March.