WATCH: Hamish & Andy Doing A Car Wash In A Convertible Is A Soapy Nightmare

I don’t want to become famous for the money or for the adoration, that would be shallow. I want to become famous just to have the resources, license and excuse to do incredible dumb stuff for no reason.

For centuries*, man has gazed in wonder at the automatic car wash and wondered what it would be like to subject the human body to its various inscrutable machinations, removed from the safe cocoon of our cars. But few of us have ever been brave or, again, dumb enough to do it. Hamish and Andy are definitely one or both of those.
Having apparently sold their Bitcoin (I’m as surprised as you are) to purchase what appears to be a late 90s Saab 900 convertible solely for the purpose of having the interior irreversibly water damaged with them inside it, the intrepid pair donned board shorts and goggles and drove into the heart of the beast.
After that, well, pretty much exactly what you would expect happens: they get sprayed with water, hit in the fact with lots of flappy things, and possibly poisoned from ingesting toxic car soap – everything that you’d want from a fun, light-hearted stunt.
Please, please enjoy and make their suffering worthwhile:
Source and photo: Facebook.