WATCH: Hamish & Andy Accidentally Found ‘Straya’s Best Bloke Mid-Prank Call

Australia is built on a series of core values that we treasure above all other things: blokesmanship, fairegoedness, bullshittery and matitude.

As Australians, we all strive to rise to those values, but none of us are perfect – except, maybe, this one dude.
Usually prank calls are the lowest form of art, reserved for early morning radio DJs and that kid you were friends with in primary school whose parents absolutely refused to acknowledge that he had ADHD; but today, they have acted as a conduit for the incredible discovery of the single greatest living battler.
In an incredible two part prank, Hamish and Andy conspired to con a stranger at the end of a phone number chosen at random into providing a character reference for Hamish for a job application, before Andy called that very same number 10 minutes later, trying to trip them up over the reference.
Instead of some dickhead who said no (demonstrating a lack of blokesmanship) or someone who said yes but cracked under pressure (completely bereft of bullshittery), they got someone who not only gave it a red hot go: he gave it the literal reddest, hottest go.
Immediately onboard with the idea of lying to a prospective employer for a bloke he’d never met before in his life, he managed to paint a picture of an incredible (albeit fictional) man, who could speak multiple languages and helped the local footy club run charity events.
James, mate, we salute you:
Please buy that man literally one million beers. Literally. Literally.
Update: we spoke to James this morning and can confirm he is a bloody legend.
Source and photo: Facebook.