When it dropped during the Super Bowl broadcast, the teaser trailer for Jason Bourne matched the sport sandwiching it: lotsa brawn, lotsa biffo, and hell, even some fireworks… but nary a mention of international geopolitics. 

Well, fans of the mostly-Matt Damon’d franchise will be stoked to hear the new cinematic trailer features all of the above, aaand Edward Snowden. And the Greek financial crisis. And data leaks. Because of the Bond / Mission: Impossible / Bourne trifecta, this bloke’s always tried to be the most legit. 

Also realistic: that grizzled-as-hell visage. It’s been 14 years since the first Bourne film. These things happen, and we’re not even mad. 

That being said, not-Jeremy Renner certainly isn’t slacking with the punch-ons. Just quietly, we’re v. keen to see if the machinations of shady government organisations and a debt-riddled European nation can be solved by smashing a chair leg over some henchman’s naughty noggin. 

WATCH: Grizzled Matt Damon Is Peak Matt Damon In New ‘Jason Bourne’ Trailer

For your daily dose of five-finger diplomacy, catch the trailer right here:

Source and photo: YouTube.