WATCH: Georgia Takes Courtney To Task For Choosing Bros Before Rose

Let me just start this off by saying: I am bloody furious. Matteo was literally the most charming, most handsome man who had ever appeared on any season of either ‘The Bachelor‘ or ‘The Bachelorette‘, and Georgia decided to give him the boot after only having basked in his perfection for but a moment.
Backtracking a little: two spanners were thrown into the works this evening, in the form of two intruders, named Matteo and Todd. The original gentlemen seemed extremely agitated by the appearance of some extra competition, despite the fact that one of them decided the best “hello” was making like your high school boyfriend and performing an extremely mediocre song on an acoustic guitar.
Unfortunately for us (probably fortunately for them), these two outsiders were parachuted into the compound after the group date, which was some sort of extremely badass medieval version of paintball.
The men were challenged to get through a gauntlet of being shot at by the others, trying to get to the other side with the smallest numbers of hits in order to win a single date with Georgia.
Out of either laziness or chivalry, Courtney decided it wasn’t worth the trouble of doing the crazy flips and rolls everyone else did, opting instead to walk – and Georgia was extremely unimpressed.
She pulled him aside to explain that she’d really upset him and he responded with the worst of all possible excuses: bromance. 
Have a watch:
What a bloody dingus. And yet – AND YET – he still managed to get a rose over beautiful, perfect Matteo. Unfuckingbelievable.
Source and photo: Channel 10.