WATCH: Friendlyjordies Is Here To Tell You Why The Youf’s Vote Matters

If anyone can break new ground with the youf, it’s Friendlyjordies – from the lockout laws to the commercialisation of news, he’s bloody good at breaking down the big issues in our own backyard *without* leaving the bitter taste of confusion in our mouths.
Brands / companies are clearly starting to wisen up to this, ‘cos the Australian Electoral Commission have flung him some $$$ to help encourage under 25s who are currently unenrolled to vote to have their say before the next election.
Plenty of 18 and 19-year-olds don’t put their name on the ballot because they’re under the impression someone does it for them – a “dirty trick” (as Jord says) by the Libs to frustrate the young vote, despite the technology to automatically sign you up existing for years.
It’s an important sell: if just 2% of the 6.8% of Aussies not currently enrolled signed up tomorrow, 6 marginally-held Liberal seats would become Labor-safe seats overnight; a bunch of current Liberal safe seats would become veryyyyyy winnable for Labor and the Greens.
You only need to complete ONE form to enrol for federal, state and local government elections, so add your name on the ballot right HERE to have your big, beautiful say. 


Pass it on, k?
Source and photo: Friendlyjordies.