Forget the double dissolution, the US election, and the loss of so, so many entertainment icons. The biggest single cultural event of 2016 was, without a doubt, the Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls.
Punters worldwide put aside their differences to catch up on Stars Hollow. We truly came together: at viewing parties, under duvets, huddled over iPhone screens on the train home. The planet was one, if only to see what became of that stain Dean.
Now, imagine that sense of unity if fucking Friends came back on the air.

Tonight, for the first time in, like, “five million and five years,” Jennifer Aniston gave us a lil’ bit of modern-day Friends content to work with. Sneaking onto Saturday Night Lives Weekend Update stage, Aniston actually revived Rachel – if only for a few seconds.
Alongside Vanessa Bayer’s Rachel imitation, the OG sitcom goddess gifted us with a tongue-in-cheek reprise. It was life-giving, and only confirmed a Friends reunion would actually be a seismic accomplishment.
Don’t even contemplate what’d happen if Seinfeld started filming again.
Watch below:
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Source: Saturday Night Live / NBC.