Everyone has been frothing over the highly anticipated live action adaptation of ‘Beauty and the Beast for eons now, and after multiple teasers, clips showcasing Emma Watson‘s pipes, and a totally cooked doll that resembles Justin Bieber, we have another lengthy, narrative-driven trailer that we can sink our teeth into. 

WATCH: Final ‘Beast’ Trailer Feats. John Legend & Ariana Grande’s A+ Duet

While the first full clip was released a couple of months ago, this one really takes it to another level. If anything, the trailer may be a bit too plot-heavy – for anyone who’s familiar with ‘BATB’ you’ll see that the entire story is chronologically summed up in two and a half mins.

Nevertheless, it’s pretty bloody exciting, and a total visual feast. This is the first time we get a solid look at Luke Evans being peak Gaston, and the beaut Kevin Kline nailing it as Belle‘s papa, AKA her biggest fan. We also see Cogsworth and Lumiere (another excuse to lol at Ewan McGregor‘s adorable French accent), and Mrs Potts and Chip (SO DARN CUTE) in full swing.

And never fear, you’ll cop even more of an eyeful of Dan Stevens as The Beast here, too. I gotta say, I’m feeling the vibe, but he is just so obviously CGI that he’s not as alluring to me as his cartoon incarnation. 

WATCH: Final ‘Beast’ Trailer Feats. John Legend & Ariana Grande’s A+ Duet

Probably the most exciting element of the trailer is that we get to listen to John Legend and Ariana Grande‘s re-working of the movie’s famous tune ‘Tale As Old As Time’, which is empowering and magnificent, obviously, because their voices are so heavenly its outta control. 

Beauty and the Beast’ will be in Aussie cinemas from March 17th. 

Source and Photo: YouTube.