WATCH: Ex-‘Top Gear’ Trio BS Titles For Their Definitely Original New Show

It’s a (very) minor miracle that ‘brainstorm’ and ‘bullshit’ can be handily condensed into ‘BS’, because that’s apparently exactly what Richard Hammond, James May and one-time-producer-puncher Jeremy Clarkson have been up to since Matt LeBlanc and the *other* Chris Evans took over on Top Gear. 
Since being turfed out of the long-running BBC car show/excuse for explosions, the blokey three-piece package deal have signed up for a new venture for Amazon Prime, which will differ from the OG program in ways that… are not entirely clear, to be honest. Still, the thing needs a name, and Not Gear might land ’em in a spot of legal strife. 

So, here they are. Doing what they do best: having a yap with calculated but annoyingly winsome immaturity, all under the pretense of contributing to an actual show about automobiles. Shout-outs to that Reliant Robin, though – arguably the fourth most important factor in Top Gear’s initial success. Suck it, Stig.

Anyway, if watching relentlessly typical middle-aged English men have a (begrudgingly entertaining) gawp about their next money-spinning venture is your cup of tea, have a gander below:

Source and photo: YouTube.