WATCH: Even Mama June’s Ex is Totally Spun Out By Her Serious Weight Loss

A fair few of you were taken aback by the incredible amount of weight lost by Here Comes Honey Boo Boo mother Mama Junebut that reaction was probably nothin’ compared to that from her friends and fam.
In a new clip from upcoming show From Not To Hot (we know, we know), June Shannon returns to McIntyre, Georgia, the southern setting for the original fame-making reality TV show.

While her new physical appearance is definitely, uh, notable to viewers, the clip teases the reaction from ex-partner Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson. It heeeavily implies it’s the first time they’ve met in person since her gastric band surgery, which we’ll leave up to you to believe or not. 

In any case, the bloke seems absoutely. Spun. Out.

If you’re absolutely desperate for a spiritual sequel to the consistently criticised HCBB, From Hot To Not (nope, it doesn’t get easier to type) may just be your jam / sketty.