WATCH: Emily Ratajkowski Reports On Impending Apocalypse Live From Uluru

Many weird concepts sprout from the collective mind of the creative folks over at LOVE Magazine: there was Kendall Jenner breaking-and-entering her own house dressed as a shark, and Kris Jenner fanging about in a body of water for 2-odd mins.
*Trap Queen plays*
Now comes super-babe Emily Ratajkowski reporting on snow in the Australian outback, in a bizarre weather report that’s the first installment of LOVE’s new ‘Weather Girls’ series by director Sean Frank.
Looks very much like they chucked the 24-year-old slashie in front of a screen, whereupon she had to ad lib the “insane apocalypse” and stampede of animals that had escaped from a zoo somewhere near Uluru (a zoo where they keep cats, apparently) – but Ratajkowski stumbles through like a trooper.
She’s also wearing hot pants, which is distraction enough from the all-round crap reading of the weather.

It’s not going to inspire the same level of GIF-ery as Kris – but will anything?

Photo: LOVE Magazine.