Watch Ellen Page Take A United States Senator To Task Over LGBT Rights

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz stopped off at the Iowa State Fair earlier this week, hoping to grill some pork chops (delicious) and spread some casual bigotry on the issue of LGBT rights (not so much).
While he was standing there decked out in his finest apron, though, none other than actress Ellen Page approached him take him to task on the topic, in an exchange captured by ABC News cameras. 
Page started out by asking him about people losing their jobs for being gay and transgender, and he fired back that equality under law for LGBT essentially leads to the persecution of “Bible-believing Christians.”
When she compared his position with pro-segregation arguments, the hamster wheel in his head began spinning, and he insisted that he would not engage her in any “back-and-forth” on the subject.
Cruz went on to criticise a recent Colorado ruling that religious beliefs can not be cited to deny a same-sex couple the right to purchase a wedding cake from a particular shop, putting this down to “liberal intolerance.”
The two argued for a bit longer, before finally agreeing on the fact that the United States should take a stronger stand against the persecution of LGBT people by fundamentalist groups in foreign countries. 
You can watch their exchange below:
via ABC News US
Photo: Steve Granitz via Getty Images