Watch Ed Sheeran & Kermit Cover “Rainbow Connection”/Try Not To Cry/Cry A Lot

In the UK, Red Nose Day is something of an institution, with Comic Relief hosting a hugely popular, celebrity-filled televised benefit every year to raise funds for the charity. The event has made the leap across the Atlantic for the first time this year, and is currently underway in the grand old U-S-of-A.

Among the myriad of star power the event boasts, it’s entirely likely that the whole show will be stolen by a red-headed Brit and a puppet.
Ed Sheeran appeared alongside Kermit the Frog to run through a truly magnificent version of what’s arguably the greatest movie song of all time in Kermit’s own “Rainbow Connection.”

It’s a nice, gentle sort of Friday. Sit back. Hit play. Get ready to feel.