Attention, trainers: there’s a very high likelihood you’ve already totally blown your chance at the best possible Pokémon GO experience, because you missed the chance to have Pikachu as your starter. 

WATCH: Deep Breaths Now, But You Can Start With Pikachu In Pokémon GO

Of course, only the three OG’s Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur (aka, the only one of the three actually worth choosing, fight me) pop up at the beginning. What is required from you is some very forceful negging. 

The folks over at GameInformer went ahead and capitalised on the rumours that moonwalking away from that trio (or, walking in a regular fashion, it’s a free country) is enough to eventually force that electronic mouse to materialise. 

Their findings are grand for new players, but likely disheartening for the rest of you: 


Of course, if you’re after some more flaming hot hints and tricks on how to be the very best that no-one ever was, have a gander at this right here. See you around those lures, friendos. 

Source and photo: Gameinformer / YouTube.